FoxTrot Search FAQ

Everything you always wanted to know about FoxTrot but were afraid to ask

Why is it slow to index?

Please read our dedicated indexing large amounts of data help section.

Why can't I find some PDF documents?

Please read our dedicated PDF Importer Problems help section.

Why can't FoxTrot highlight certain occurrences in some found documents?

First, the occurrences may be found in the metadata (filename, parent folder name, author…), while the preview only highlight occurrences found in the content.

Then, FoxTrot uses a different engine to display the preview, than the one used to extract indexable text from files. For some files, these two engines may not return exactly the same text.

In any case, you can option-click the found file in the search results list. This will show the plain text that has been indexed, as well as some metadata (except the filename and the parent folder name).

What is the temporary index size?

Your index needs to be compacted from time to time. This is done automatically in the background, and temporary disk space is used for this. However, this is paused when other applications have some CPU intensive activities, as well as when your disk space is getting low.

Make sure you have at least 1 GB free on disk, in addition to the size of the index itself. Also, note that compacting large index files ( > 4 GB) is considerably slower on a hard disk (it could take hours or even days for a 10 GB index) than on an SSD.